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the journey


The decision.

Stop postponing being free till later. Life is made of moments of feeling alive. The moments of being in the now.

It´s about not just rushing through life but about making that DECISION to set off on an expedition – your journey. Use the time you have and start packing your bags. Plan the trip to reconnect with the adventurous you, the trip where all that matters is you, the water, the wind and freedom.

We”ve got what you need to do JUST THAT.


travel kite gear

The trip is all planned, tickets booked…and then the issue of the oversized luggage fee again… well we´ve figured this out for you:
kitelement - split kiteboard kitelement - split kiteboard
split kiteboard
half of the board only 72.0 cm (size 136.41)
kitelement - backpack kitelement - backpack
+ backpack
carry your split kiteboard and all the kite gear on your back
kitelement - vacuum bag for kites kitelement - vacuum bag for kites
+ vacuum bag for kites
reduce the volume of your kites up to 5 times
kitelement - hook T-shirt kitelement - hook T-shirt
+ hook T-shirt
don’t forget to ride with style

the experience of your journey...

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